Understanding Policies The Impacts Employment Opportunities For People Who Have Criminal Records

There are laws that  protects those charged with crimes that may effect their public record. These crimes can vary in charges but all have a lasting effect for a clients future in society. The different cases info can be erased in view of  public records and they will not be visible in common situations. An expungement is an order from a judge for the erasing of  records relating to a crime.

A DUI lawyer specializes in cases such as these and can help people keep their record straight at http://hartlevin.com. Motions or filings for expungements must be made to the magistrate in the  state in which the dui happened. Every county in each state could  have different procedures to consider expungement. One must find out about the state and county regulations to better understand the procedure of that given area.

Sometimes someone may not know that their past records were on public file. This can happen when a person was cited or arrested without conviction and were proved innocent or a deal was made by the opposite attorneys, judges, or jury. Even if a deal was made, the person was acquitted, or any other extenuating circumstance, you would think the public record would be erased for that case. This sometimes does not happen and the person has a mark on their public record.

DUI or DWI arrests only show that the police performed an action, even if an individual is acquitted, released, or found not guilty of any of the charges. No matter if the arresting officer was completely wrong in the situation for any reason, the record can still show as happened in public view. This can lead to future jobs, loans, and any other financing institutions to turn down the individual because of the public record. That is why it is very important to get the right  dwi lawyer on the case as quick as possible and get the record expunged before more harm is done financially and emotionally.