How to make funeral arrangements?

When someone you love is expected to die soon or perhaps they die, there is so much to take care of. Grieving and assuming this kind of responsibility often causes a lot of stress for some people. This article will highlight a few important things that could ease the process. You can trust Cortner Chapel to help you through this difficult time. At Cortner Chapel, we help you make the necessary funeral arrangements and manage all costs on your behalf.

Steps in the planning process

These steps clearly discuss things you must do while making funeral arrangements.

First calls.

Make the first calls to notify all those concerned and also remove the deceased from their place of death.

Transportation of the deceased.

The first calls result in the transfer of the departed from their place of death to a funeral home or another appropriate facility. Sometimes a second transfer could be required to another city, funeral home, or a local place.


Sometimes, you may find that the deceased pre-arranged a funeral plan. A pre-arranged funeral plan generally stipulates the funeral company that the deceased chose.

Funeral services.

Meet the funeral director to make funeral service arrangements. In this meeting, decisions like how the deceased shall be cared for, what kind of ceremony would be held, and whether they would be cremated or buried are made.

Cemetery arrangements.

If you plan on burying the deceased in a cemetery, you would proceed to buy cemetery property if you hadn’t already. It could be a crypt or grave plot. The funeral director can also make these arrangements on your behalf.

Memorial and funeral products.

Pick and purchase necessary items like a burial volt, casket, urn, etc. You may also make memorial items like shirts and funeral stationery.

Financial, estate, and administrative matters.

After the funeral, the affairs of the deceased should be organized. These matters can range from filing death benefit claims to sending death notices to changing titles to the deceased’s assets, etc.

Funeral arrangements can be gruesome. There are often so many details involved making it a tiring process for the responsible parties. It is advisable to hire a funeral service provider who can help you manage the funeral arrangements such that you can grieve your loved one in peace. Cortner Chapel is here for all your funeral arrangement needs. Our singular goal is to simplify things like contacting funeral service providers. Helping you to grieve without assuming great responsibilities.