Guide to Eco Friendly Flooring

More and more people are starting to realize the impact that they are having on the health of the planet. If you are concerned about damaging the environment but want to decorate your house then you will need to learn about eco-friendly home decor products. One area of particular interest will be eco friendly flooring. This guide will look at a number of different types of environmentally friendly flooring.


Bamboo flooring is just like many types of hardwood flooring but is much better for the environment. It is a very fast-growing plant, typically taking around 3 years to mature. Hardwood trees can take 20 or more years to reach maturity. Bamboo flooring will last for a long time and can be sanded and re-polished. It’s also biodegradable which means it’s one of the perfect eco-friendly flooring materials.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is one of the more expensive eco flooring options, but it is certainly worth a look. Stone is completely natural and contains zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which means that it won’t release any chemicals into your home. Stone floor tiles are very hard-wearing and will last a lifetime.

Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

It’s always better to reuse something than throw it away. It’s possible to install beautiful reclaimed wood flooring in your home. This is available in both hardwood and softwood varieties. Reclaimed flooring can even add extra character to your home.


A flooring material that few people think of using is concrete. Concrete is made from natural materials and is normally made fairly locally. It’s a very hardwearing material that will last just as long as stone. There are also lots of different finishes, polished concrete is a very beautiful eco flooring product, but it can also be painted.

Cork Tiles

An environmentally friendly alternative to carpets is cork tiles. Cork will provide a cushioned floor covering which is comfortable and warm to walk on. It’s also lightweight, easy to transport, and hardwearing. Cork is a renewable material as the tree is not harmed when it’s harvested.

Remember to Consider Transportation

When you’re looking for a truly environmentally friendly flooring product, bear in mind the distance this product has traveled. No matter how eco-friendly a product is, if it has traveled thousands of miles to get to your home then it will have a considerable carbon footprint. Instead, try to stick to flooring products made in your own country.

Just because you are interested in trying to do your bit to look after the planet, it doesn’t mean that you cant decorate your house and turn it into a home.