Stunning Makeup Trends You’ll Want To Try Before Going Out

There are so many fun new eye makeup trends that have been transitioning from the runways of high-end fashion shows to every-day looks you’d see on the street. I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the top eye makeup trends you should try.

Glossy Eyes

The wet glossy look is everywhere on Instagram right now. When I first saw it I was so perplexed how they managed to make the eyes look so pigmented and so wet at the same time, but it turns out it’s a lot more simple than it seems! All you need to achieve this look is your regular eyeshadow and then just use a clear lip gloss, but instead of using it for your lips, put it on your eyes! It creates a beautiful glossy effect that is very in vogue.

Colorful Cat Eye

The classic black cat-eye will always look good, but you have to admit it’s getting a bit tired. I mean, this look has been around since the 1950s. Finally, people are finding a way to reinvent it in a fresh fun way by using bright colors for their liner instead of the typical black. Royal blue and lime green are very trendy for liquid eyeliner now, but if you want to try other colors or even make a rainbow effect, you can use an angled brush to draw a base and then put any eyeshadow color you want on top of that.

Caged Eyeliner

Beyond the standard cat eye, it’s very fashionable to experiment with what you can do with eyeliner. The caged look is very trendy right now, especially since it’s been popularized in Netflix’s Black Mirror (“Birthday baby!”). The only catch to this look is it requires a very steady hand to make sure that the lines are clean because otherwise, it can go from a clean modern look to a weird scribbled mess around your eyes. If you are already comfortable with eyeliner, don’t be afraid to experiment and try this look.

Sunset Eyes

Everyone loves a beautiful sunset, and blending eye shadows to give a sunset look is a trend that is looking like it will last throughout each season this year. Start with a yellow eyeshadow on the corner of your eyes, blend to an orange color in the middle, and in the outer corners and lower lash line use a beautiful warm purple. You can make this look pop even more with some black eyeliner on the top lid and don’t forget to make sure your lashes are long and luscious.

There you have it! Go ahead and try out some of these eye makeup trends the next time you feel bored by your normal makeup routine. I just realized I have been doing versions of a brown smokey eye for a decade now (yikes), so I will personally make it a goal to try some of these trends ASAP!